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Mohamed E Al Bakry's Profile
Phone Number: +2034170309, +2035823261, +20103340015
Email Address:
Last Updated: June 16, 2006

Marketing & Sales– Quality – Business Development – Communications-Travel-Consultation
Training – SMEs – Fairs – People and Development-Industrial Engineering

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Mohamed E Al Bakry
Industrial Production Engineer
816 Westmoreland ave. Norfolk, VA 23508 - USA
Overseas Mailing Address:
242 Abdul Salam Aref St. Loran – Alexandria 21411 - Egypt.
+20103340015 (Cell Phone)
+203-5823261 (Earth Phone)
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Assignment Based Contract 
Investment Banking – DUBAI. Kuwait. KSA. Bahrain. NY
My brake with Lehman Brothers Europe Inc, Bahrain Office in 1994-1995, gave me endurance and in-depth knowledge with investments and trading stocks on NYSE. Another unique experience that helped understand money markets thus making it easy when coaxing the client for various finance alternatives such as industrial, residential, or consumer project.
EDP Instruction - UNIDO
My recent assignment 2004 as UNIDO – SEDI instructor gave me in depth experience when dealing with young entrepreneurs and business persons to take control of their career and become job providers rather than job seekers.
Training and Development - KSA
As a faculty member with Saudi Entrepreneur Development Institute SEDI, Not for profit organization funded by SGH Group Saudi German Hospital and Saudi Human Resources development Fund , I assisted participants in starting their own business and industrial projects through giving proper feasibility UNITED NATIONS INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION, UNIDO guided methodology. At least 7 new projects resulted from Riyadh Program in 2004 employing at least 233 people.
I took effective role in 2004-2005 with as national expert to pre assess factories in new industrial cities. The program manager was IMC, Industrial Modernization Program that aimed to provide funded technical support from EU European Union. This lead to deep understanding of difficulties facing SME s and therefore reaching towards SWOT analysis of 10 factories. 7 Factories signed TOR Term of Reference and joined the program.
Power Generation – Gen Sets Egypt
My experience with Mantrac Caterpillar  as Electric power generators installations' engineer in 1990 gave me in depth knowledge in servicing big bore engines in power stations. Within Mantrac-CATERPILLAR, I served many clients as an application engineer. My job involved technical and sales advisory aspects in order to deliver the products in premier shape and best client satisfactory index.
My service in the gulf 1991 – 2000 enabled me to build very important and valuable work relations in construction, marine, and industrial applications. Abstract of list of projects is attached here in for your review.
Housing and Construction Industry-North Africa
My very recent business development task with industry leader ICON was a real success having introduced major players in the construction and oil industries who relay on Caravans and Pre Fabricated Homes for their exploration and field dui tied. As a marketing Manager – Exports, I introduced new accounts in North Africa and Sudan that increased turnover sharply side by side with diversified local market contracts.
Auto Industry - Gulf
My first assignment in 1991 post Gulf War with Chrysler & Jeep Sales gave me the challenge to recapture product reputation in the mind of the customer and gain customer satisfaction index No1.
Our tedious efforts in making road shows and thorough test drives helped re gain Jeep and Chrysler to cop with competition from Toyota and Nissan. Meeting monthly sales targets was a day to day business while maintaining hi scores on customer sales and delivery satisfaction.
Yet, I spent with the Auto Industry about 5 years at least and experienced sales with Chrysler & Jeep, AUDI, VW , and Mazda for showroom and fleet operations alike. This knowledge and familiarity will definitely boost sales and ensure meeting your quality customer satisfaction services.
Waste Management - Dubai
My work relation with Chab and Delta Gulf as industrial – installation engineer gave me necessary expertise in commissioning and erection of refuse chutes essential for hi rise towers. I contracted, erected, and serviced 197 projects in Dubai and Sharjah Emirates 1997-2000.
Waste Management - Europe
My negotiations with Ostermier GmbH in 1999 in Schwatenkinker- Bavaria for waste management products lead to successful dealership of gulf delta to secure reliable German principle and meet stringent safety standards of municipalities.
Industrial Applications – Military Works
My work relation with Factory 10, ministry of military works 2001-2003, gave me industrial engineering experience in aerosol tin cans production lines and related ISO Auditing. I took extensive role in supervising TQM in military productions that lead me to master ISO 9000/2001 Audit procedures in large industries.
Material Handling – Various Industries - Egypt
My work relation with Unitel Egypt 2003 , market leader in material handling conveyor systems acquired my strong knowledge with various industries in modern industrial cities and free zones totaled 374 factories. Industries classified into chemical, food, engineering, and engineering are added on my pre qualifications list for your kind review and evaluation.
Piping Industry - Egypt
My work relation with future pipe industries 2004
Lead me to have fantastic exposure to waste water and petrochemical applications in regard to environmentally friendly GRP / GRE pipes of different diameters from 200 mm up to 3000 mm.
Current Activities
I am currently teaching EDP, Entrepreneur Development Program independently with various training institutions in Alexandria – Egypt and offer consultation on limited term contract for industrial enterprises like Icon Egypt, Al Maaly Recruitment, and other profound clients.
I was honored to work for various prestigious organizations in areas of training, consultation, and business development to name but a few United Nations Industrial Development Organization UNIDO, Lehman Brothers Europe Inc, and Al Futtaim Group.
Based on these facts, I kindly welcome your letter of intent to employ my services. I have a work station in Norfolk and willing to relocate or travel all the time. I posses International and DUBAI driving licenses and can cover wide areas.  
Perhaps more importantly, however, we have been able to achieve these results while remaining true to our core values of ethical business behavior and corporate social responsibility. We pride ourselves on operating under a set of values that emphasizes integrity, innovation, delivering superior results, corporate responsibility, diversity and global involvement.
Sincerely yours,
Mohamed E Al Bakry